Orosz Zoltán

      Zoltan Orosz has inherited the love of the accordion from his father, who noticed early the outstanding talent of his son. Zoltan was four years old when he got his first accordion with 8 basses. In 1977, when he was only 11 years old, he started his studies at a Bela Bartok music conservatory in Budapest. There, he mastered playing not only the accordion but the organ as well.
      After taking his final exams in 1984 he continued his studies at Franz Liszt College, Budapest. Zoltan was 13 years old, when he entered an international accordion competition in Klingenthal (Germany). Even then.the audience was astonished by the young player. Thanks to an amateur recording you can listen to his play from that time.
      In 1992 he founded the „Podium Duo” with guitarist Gabor Ursu. The repertoire is featured by the permanent motto of their appearances: „Well-known melodies on accordion in virtuoso interpretation”. To meet their motto, Zoltan and Gabor attempt to prove that accordion can be used in nearly all genre of music. They are playing French musettes, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish pieces and tangos. In their program, fiery South-American tunes, ragtime and classical adaptations follow each other in harmonious neighborhood.
      From Singapore to Paris the Duo has appeared in numerous cities of the world, but their most loved place to give concerts is Hungary. In March 2000 they got the very prestigious “eMeRTon” award from Radio Hungary as the “Nostalgy Band of the Year.
      In 1992 they recorded their first CD titled ”Accordion in black and white” . Accordion can be heard in different styles and roles on the CD, the thread that connects these pieces is the accordionist. Amongst others:
J. Brahms: V. Hungarian Dance
V. Monti: Tschardas
Jacob Gobe: Jalousie
A. Malando: Ole Guapa
Candellight walz
The second CD, titled „Thousandfaced Accordion”, was released in 1995. The choice of the pieces is very similar to the first CD. Amongst others:
G. Viseur: La flambée montalbanaise
Z. Abreu: Tico-tico
Black Eyes (Russian folk-song)
N. Glanzberg-H.Contet: Padam-padam
G. Diniciu: The lark

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